Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not to old for fairy tales

This is what I'd like to believe when I think of the TV show "Once Upon a Time" that has been my January delight. 

Sometimes I am wary of film or TV adaptations because if they are done in a  Disney's  like  way, the plot loses lots of the original's subtleties. But even though "Once Upon a Time" is inspired by the way Disney has visualized many of these stories,   it has its own unique touch. The characters, stories and symbols are mixed, intertwined and  so in a way it is a completely new story. But that is also one of the traditions of storytelling.

I love how the authors of the show have followed Snow White, Red Riding Hood and  others in their quest to tell us the well known stories from their point of view. We can go much deeper into their motives and emotions than in many of the adaptations.

In the  "Once Upon a Time" the fairy tale world reflects  the past that defines us and haunts us at the same time. The characters, who we  get to know  through the retrospection of their life back in the enchanted forest and their present life in the real world, make different choices, sometimes they overcome their weaknesses, sometimes they fall down.  So  there is always a  choice about how we want to act in the present and shape our future. 

And the roles that they played back in the fairy world- the princess, the evil queen, the warewolf- they need to overcome them in some way, recognize the gifts the role might carry but also its limitations. Find out who they really are.  To connect with the real world. 

I hope I will be able to do the same with my own fairy tale...

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