Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scraps of joy

I have been feeling frustrated with choosing work over autumn walks, going to cultural festivals, inspiring lectures, spending time with family and friends...

I tried to remember why I do it, because I have a very clear purpose for working and earning money. 

And yet it was not enough. A moment of a relief came when I tried to feel what Laura Vandercam writes about in her book " You have got more time than you think": enjoying the  "five minute things", which take less than 30 or 20 or even 10 minutes... But things which I really like.  

Suddenly I found there are many of such things. And it is not to create a false impression that it's not a difficult period. Because it is  and there is a lot to miss. 

But I still do have time to

stop to watch a beautiful autumn tree 

read a book for ten minutes in the metro 

share a tea or pudding my sister 

read a blog post of my favourite blogger 

play my chillout radio in the background

and so many more.... 

Together they make a blanket of joy I can wrap myself in a hard-working time. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where I am not

I often gaze out the window and think about the places where I am not because I am here.

I know I want to really be where  I am, because what sense is it to long for a place where I am not? 

The longing- does it make me be more than just here or does it take me away from here and now so in the end  I am nowhere? 

Is it enough to notice it with gentleness and come back to what is here and now?