Saturday, September 28, 2013

The meaning of leaves

                    I stopped to look at a maple tree today 
                    Held my breath for a moment 
                    Trying to name the hundred blazing shades of red 
                    And then I remembered what you said 
                    that beauty of the autumn leaves is that of dying
                    No more naive enchantment with the world 
                    But the sense of wonder shall always be 


Friday, September 13, 2013

Celebrating life

Why do we need to celebrate life? And what that does really mean? It is one of those phrases I hear a lot in self-development classes and often read on blogs. And the capital letters make it sometimes hard for me to feel the real meaning. 

But when a dear friend  of mine held his little daughter up high  in the air during the celebration of her life  to welcome her among  us- the family and friends,  I was  close to what it meant. There was that joy of seeing that adorable human being, but it was also that we took that weekend to be together,  that we stopped to feel the things bigger than us, than our life. 

I had a lot of goodbyes last summer...  They are also a part of life I do not want to forget, but it was good to experience that moment of joyful welcoming. To be reminded that the way I want to live my life is to celebrate the important moment and share them with the people I love. Hope  you will always remind me of that little Ma-jita!