Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The poet knows

You needn't worry that so many have written about snow
That there is nothing more to say 
There will always be the question if snow glitters or glistens 
At the poetry evening we sat with eyes wide open 
Ready to see the whiteness of the snow like never before

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Orange

We had a working meeting. He put two oranges on the desk and we started talking about business matters. A thought passed through my head that too many times I had bought sweets instead of fruits for a meeting. Usually I would tell myself how hospitable and friendly  it was to treat someone with cookies or cakes.  What if I bought them so that I could satisfy my own craving? And here there those two oranges healthy, shiny so far from my temptation.

When I offered him tea or coffee he did not want any but invited me to have an orange. I had a flash of my childhood when a beautifully peeled orange by Mom was a sign that somebody cared enough for me to arrange the peels so that they reminded of petals of a flower. 

I stayed in the office longer than him.  Upon leaving, he  told me to enjoy the orange.  A small gesture, but it brought me sudden joy, of which he  was probably not aware. Perhaps it was sheer politeness but on that dark, winter evening when I still had to push myself for an hour or more of work, it made me feel the universe cared.  And sent me an orange.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guiding strength

I used to think strength was something I didn't have. I associated it  with endurance and heaviness. 

As this year begins think of it as something I can have when I need it.  As a resource I have within myself although I can ask for it.  

If I were a tree strength would be like those life juices you can hear if you press your head to the tree bark.

I don't feel strong, but I feel there is strength in me. 

I am also hoping strength will be something which will help me to stay creative and high-spirited.