Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ordinary courage

Courage is my word for the year 2012. I was inspired  to  choose the word of the year by

I am not acting very courageously, not yet. But whenever I feel afraid to do even a small thing and I remember that my word is courage this helps me to stay on track. I found this a very powerful exercise. Whenever I consciously remind myself what the word is, then I have the power to act. 

The courage I am seeking  is the "ordinary courage" that Brene Browns talks about in her wonderful books and articles.

The courage to be myself- acknowledge that what I think, what I want, what I feel is important and mine-even if it goes against what other people might think
The courage to take responsibility for what I do  and choose
The courage to be authentic-to say no even if it is easier to say yes
The courage to make phone calls
The courage to let go of relationships, actions, beliefs that do not make me grow
The courage to make decisions
The courage to be the first person  talk to new people
The courage to be the first to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances
The courage to do things without praise and approval 
The courage to carry out my ideas
The courage to ask for feedback
The courage to make requests....

I plant this list here, to watch it grow, to understand  my word for 2012 better. 

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