Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lost in translation

Now that I have started writing this blog, I am writing a lot in English. And it is delightful. However, Polish is still my mother tongue, my first language, the language of my thoughts and prayers. And I have noticed that I do not have many opportunities to free-write in Polish. I translate, I write e-mails and that is all for my Polish.

And then there is French. Writing in French will never be easy, although I have learned to feel this language better. French is crying "when is it going to be my turn? You do not own me enough and you do nothing to do it!"

Choosing the language for this blog was not an easy choice. Shouldn't I be writing in Polish? But I want to write in English. I just do.  Oh, I will never be able to show it to my French-speaking-only  friends... 

I hoped that writing would help me to weave together the different bits of my life. But when it comes to languages they just symbolize the different pieces of my heart that  need translation...

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