Thursday, March 14, 2013

On becoming

Today my certificate of completion of the mediation course arrived by post. 

With each new skill, each new competence that I learn, I ask myself when is it actually the moment that I become that professional, when I can actually declare my new identity. For a long time after my studies I was not confident enough to say or even write "I am an interpreter/translator". I would say " I do interpreting" or "I do translations".

Even though I have the paper in my hand, I have done my first mediations I am not sure if I can already say " I am a mediator".

Perhaps there is that question behind  " Am I  skilled/educated /experienced/sought out by clients/successful.... enough"? Where is the balance between going for the goal of being that person you want to be and affirming the place as you are in the very moment?

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