Friday, October 12, 2012

There's something about October

I have read already a few posts on my favourite blogs which are "odes" to October. I guess not much has changed since Keats and the beauty of seasons simply must be told over and over again. 

The way apples are crunchier than at any other time.

The way  the intense coulours of changing leaves remind me that change can be beautiful. 

The way with the days getting shorter the rays of sun become even more precious.

The way  the air is still crisp, but not too moist nor frosty. 

The way there is some more seriousness, maturity than in September,  which still belongs to the summer, and yet  it is filled with energy and briskness that is later swept by the melancholy of November.

The way it takes us gently into the autumn season. 

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