Monday, October 22, 2012

The Beauty of anger

I used to think that anger was something to be repressed, avoided  and feared. 

But after a workshop I attended recently I  looked at anger with new eyes.

That wave of fever that runs through my body when I feel angry, that sudden splash of somebody else's anger  in my face  brings an energy that can take me somewhere important. 
What is my anger trying to tell me? 

Just as I was writing this post I got an e-mail with news that brought a hot flush to my cheeks.  I do have to say it didn't feel so beautiful at that moment, rather uncomfortable and disstressing.  I stopped for a moment asking myself what my anger was alarming me about. I tried to follow its energy and yet find a more compassionate side to it.   

And there it was showing its not so obvious beauty, softening and ready to guide me into something deeper. 

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