Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here comes the sun...

I experienced a sweet moment with the sun  today as I was coming home from my coaching session.

I left that coaching sessions full of emotions. I don't know what I was feeling exactly. I felt I had dug deep, to my emotions and beliefs, I felt more alive and alert.  But there was no exact conclusion. I felt a mixture of fear and incertitude about finding my path. And then there was that part of me filled with quiet resignation, that I had know this session would not be easy.

The sun was trying to uplift me, I could feel it. It was time for it to leave, to settle down for the night, and yet it spent a moment with me, accompanied me on some of the way.

,,Don't worry" it seemed to smile" Just be with what is. It is all beautiful. Just be with what you experienced there, what you learned. Even if you cannot make the decision right now. "

It seemed strange to me to let myself feel happiness in a moment, when I was no closer to solutions.  Yet, sun's gentleness swept over me. It was so bright, so intense, that last moment  before it  settled for the night. And shone just for me.