Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Orange

We had a working meeting. He put two oranges on the desk and we started talking about business matters. A thought passed through my head that too many times I had bought sweets instead of fruits for a meeting. Usually I would tell myself how hospitable and friendly  it was to treat someone with cookies or cakes.  What if I bought them so that I could satisfy my own craving? And here there those two oranges healthy, shiny so far from my temptation.

When I offered him tea or coffee he did not want any but invited me to have an orange. I had a flash of my childhood when a beautifully peeled orange by Mom was a sign that somebody cared enough for me to arrange the peels so that they reminded of petals of a flower. 

I stayed in the office longer than him.  Upon leaving, he  told me to enjoy the orange.  A small gesture, but it brought me sudden joy, of which he  was probably not aware. Perhaps it was sheer politeness but on that dark, winter evening when I still had to push myself for an hour or more of work, it made me feel the universe cared.  And sent me an orange.

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