Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gift of a quiet evening

It is Sunday evening and I am alone. I did not plan this, actually I thought I would spend it with family or friends. And a part of me has been feeling lonely and a bit disappointed in the last hours. There is a solitary feeling that there are so many people around but no one there although tomorrow morning my day will be filled with people again. 

Nevertheless, I am now I am soaking the moment  because it is a gift.  I can give my creativity the time it needs. I can write without the pressure of "hurry, someone or something is waiting". I can let my thoughts and feelings just be and let go of the "bustleness" and "busyness"

As Jen Lee writes on the "sacred quiet": "When I surrender to the sacred quiet, I let memories surface and collect them like quilt patches. I listen to what's really tugging at my heart and try to hold everything else at bay.I hope that in this posture, direction and redirection will find me".

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