Monday, April 8, 2013

Carry them all

At Good Friday liturgy, in the center of the Easter Triduum, I was struck by the words of the "Prayer of the Faithful":

 Enable those who do not acknowledge God
To find the truth
As they walk before you in sincerity of heart 

That is just a small excerpt from the longer prayer that expresses care and respect not only for the Church, but all those who are outside. It struck me, that here in one of the most solemn and intimate days in the life of the Church, all the people who are far away are recalled. This is so true for me, because even entering the space and place that many people  would not understand or claim, if they are in my life, in what ever way, even if for the fact that we are the part of the same humanity, I carry them with me in a way.

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